Simple Living, Simple Food will be published in January 2013, but prepublication copies will be available in December.  It would make a wonderful gift for family members and friends.

Excerpt from the Book

Croquet Parties

As a child and teenager croquet was a game for lazy summer days when there was nothing to do and you could play a laid back game of croquet on the front lawn or backyard with friends or family. By the time we were off to college it was played with my brother and my great aunt Bertha now in her 70’s. I especially remember Fred “sending” Bertha’s ball. As she’d stand there surprised and giggling. “No, not really”, this was her standard response to almost anything. Fred took great delight is sending any of us but watching Bertha’s reaction was always a sweet interplay. It was a game we could take seriously one day and just goof off with another. It was a chance to learn interpersonal skills without ever realizing you were learning to communicate with others.

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